Kiran Rao’s Yamaha RX135 Diablo

Kiran Rao’s Yamaha RX135 Diablo
September 21, 2018 admin

Diablo Is powered by a 2 stroke, 132 cc, 4 speed, single cylinder engine from a Yamaha RX135 and is tuned to make an output of around 15bhp and 13nm of torque. All the unnecessary plastics and metal have been disposed to make it lighter. For high speed stability Kiran has changed both the Rims from standard 36 spoke to 72 spoke rims which have a design appeal and also keep the bike stable at high speeds. The bike does a top speed of 125kmph. Since the removable seat cowl kit is not cheap in India, he made his own removable seat cowl system. Also the Rear sets are custom made since again they are not easily available in India.


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