Paul B’s Ducati Monster project

Paul B’s Ducati Monster project
November 29, 2018 admin

Paul’s project started life as 1998 Ducati Monster 600 in yellow and black (he couldn’t stand the yellow). He picked it up for just over £600 obviously it needing some work, was very tatty but a good strong motor, wiring loom needed attention plus usual carb clean, new oil and battery but it fired up without much hassle.

Being his second build he got stuck straight in stripping the thing down to a rolling chassis ready to make the modifications to the frame that was needed to fit the tank and seat he was going to use (huge shout out to Ducati Redmax for the quality tank and service). Once these were fitted it was time to tear it down and begin cleaning, painting and going through the engine (still in the process of doing so), doing the valve clearances which can be done with the heads off the engine making life pretty easy plus making sure to list all seals and gaskets he was going to use when it was time to rebuild.
Here’s a little list of what’s been done so far:
  • Frame modified for tank and seat.
  • Frame, swingarm, wheels, ride height adjuster and side stand blasted and powder coated semi gloss black.
  • Wheels rebuilt with new tyres, valves, bearings, discs and bolts front and back.
  • Swingarm rebuilt.
  • Yokes and suspension linkage stripped and painted with Upol satin black and new bearings where needed.
  • Undertray made from 2mm sheet steel to accommodate fuse box, rear light and flasher relay etc. Then painted satin black using Upol.
  • In the process of stripping engine, and painting with PJ1 satin black and Hycote aluminium then oven baking to cure (Not in the house), plus valves have been checked, adjusted and are all now in spec.
  • Front forks have been stripped, new oil, hyperpro springs and lowers painted to match other components.
  • Rearsets have been fitted and now removed ready for rebuild.
  • GPS speedo
  • Bar end indicators
  • New radial clutch and brake cylinders
  • Gilles Gp superlight clip ons
  • Brakes stripped, cleaned and painted then oven baked to cure, plus new parts where needed.
  • Carbs stripped and cleaned
  • Carbon fibre front mudguard sanded and fresh epoxy applied.
Still a little to do on the engine before it can be put together and bolted up to the frame.


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